Living in the same dirt city for almost 10 years, I’ve grown an affection for dark alleys and worn out buildings. I’ve always been fascinated by the idea of beauty and how it can change from person to person. Photography gave me an escape from reality. It taught me how to see behind society’s standards of what’s beautiful. Each of us see the same scenery with different eyes. I tried to capture this scenery of mine taking pictures of the places I see every day.

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The sky that day looked like a huge cotton candy ready to devour that plane.

The sky that afternoon reminded of “Starry Night”. This is the view of the port of Thessaloniki from The Museum of photography where I work.

This dirty almost abandoned train station looked like a scene from a movie that day.

This was after a rainy day. It really gave me a “yearning” vibe.

The contrast of this was too great.

The train station early in the morning.

A dirty apartment block at the back of a very central spot in Thessaloniki.

The back view of the port after a huge storm.