This summer I finally made one of my big dreams come true. I packed my things and at the end of June I left my homeland to get to know far away country across the ocean. I went to United States of America for three weeks. To be honest – this travel wasn´t exactly an ordinary summer vacation as it seems. Unlike me, my whole family was scared to death that I´ll end up being raped or that I’ll disappear, until somebody would find a Jane Doe near some anonymous road. That´s an example of how much faith my folks had in me (haha…).

I was wondering for a few weeks how should I start my writing; because this story is not just about me. It was literally a miracle of the modern era, that crossed thousands of miles around the Earth. If you doubt it, well then I guess I should finally start the story.

Introduction time! My name is Veronika, I´m a 24 year old girl from small country called the Czech Republic that lies in the heart of the Europe. I always dreamed about traveling around the world, meeting a new wonderful people and making some unforgettable precious memories. The start of this year was really rough in my life; I had a broken heart and I was stuck in not an exactly promising job. It felt like an endless trap, pitch black hole without the slightest beam of a sunlight. But things had changed since I got to know one person.

Bryan Davis was overwhelmingly kind, funny and gentle being I really had a crush on. He visited Prague at the start of March 2016 and after he left back to his home town, Denver Colorado, we stayed in touch. We wrote to each other, called or used at least video chat literally every single day. Three months since his visit Bryan asked if I want to come to visit. America, beautiful Colorado and Bryan – I just couldn´t say no. We started to plan our adventure; 28th June was the day I was supposed to jump on the plane.

You’re probably asking where was the problem, what was so wrong, that my family and even my close friends were concerned about me leaving for America? Me and Bryan knew each other for more than three months. So what´s the big deal?

To be completely honest, we have never met in person.

Our friendship started by the simple Tinder match.

Right now you possibly want to know why we haven´t met when Bryan was at Prague. The worst irony of fate – we matched on the dating app just in the moment when he left back home. With eight hours of time difference and entire ocean between us, there was a really small chance that both of us could ever meet.

But chatting on Tinder and soon on Facebook Messenger after some time started to be less and less satisfying. It really wasn´t easy, but we didn´t gave up on the friendship – instead of losing the interest in each other, we started to plan my trip to USA. I just couldn´t believe that I´ll finally meet my crush from the dating app in person!

And not even my family could believe it. My dad was furious. As a cop he saw the worst scenario – that Bryan isn´t real. That he´s a bad guy who´s job is to get trust of some poor naive girl, made her to travel into the States and after that you just can put here a scenario from the Taken movie with Liam Neeson. Not very funny. I can´t remember how many nights I had to fight him because of his horrible expectations. He made me so upset because he didn´t believe in me. For dad I was a foolish, naive girl. Today I know that he was seriously scared about me.

On the other side, Bryan had a similar problem. A few nights before my flight he told me that also his family is nervous. For them I was just some strange girl from small eastern Europe country that wanted to make advantage of their son – put him into marriage, get a green card, stay in USA, and after that get rid of him. When I heard that, I started to laugh aloud; but in a few seconds I realized that it wasn´t funny at all. Both of our families were scared for our final meeting. And I was surprised how similar and still different their worries were.

“Nobody really wants this friendship,” said Bryan once and he started to laugh. He made me feel better immediately. Actually, we were the last people that were about to do something wrong – but the others couldn´t get themselves over it.

But one question was still in the air. Was I scared too? It wouldn´t be truth if I said no – I definitely had a few weak moments. What if we won´t like each other? What if his family won´t like me at all? What if… I just could make endless list of questions. I know that Bryan had a few of them too. That´s totally understandable. But we had to find out the answers together.

So I left to Colorado. My dad drove me to the airport, he gave me a huge piece of pie for a snack and big hug as he wished me a safe travels. I really had to fight tears in that moment – because I knew that he hated the idea of me leaving into far away country where he won´t be able to help me if something gets wrong. But he didn´t stop me. And it made me feel terrible and relieved in the same time. I left with mixed feelings, full of hopes and expectations… And my adventure started.

Right now it´s nearly a month ago since I got back from the beautiful sunny Colorado. I spent three weeks in the Denver, I saw the breathtaking Rocky Mountains, their tops still covered in white. I tasted many wonderful beers, ate delicious foods, saw beautiful sunsets.

You probably want to know if the trip was worth it. Well, definitely yes and I still can´t describe in words how much I´m happy that I´ve done it. I´ll never forget these precious three weeks. And I want to come back. Because one really special guy is waiting there for me and I miss him so much.

It will take some time and it won´t be easy. But I know that we made it happen once – and we can do it again. Getting to know Bryan (and by the way thanks to the crazy horny dating app) – definitely changed my life. I started to look for a new job that I could feel good about, and also get a better paycheck. I believe that soon we will be together again. And that´s the reason why I (and Bryan also) want to tell you this story. No matter how much anyone else is trying to get you down, you should never listen to them. Sometimes you have to face your fears and anxieties to achieve something amazing. I already know it. And I hope you´ll realize that too.

More info:

Czechia went to visit Colorado. Where is the best background to capture this precious moment? Of course, Red Rocks!

The view and my driver. Both of them basically scream at you: COLORADO! SO COOL AND AMAZING PLACE! YOU WANNA COME HERE!

Our idea of the best date? Mile High Comics shop!

A few months ago we were just staring at each others faces on the videochat. And this summer – Garden of the Gods!