My baby turned one! I’m always saying my lenses are like my children, so why not capture their milestones with ceremonial photoshoots that are usually reserved for kids of the human variety?

And so, ladies and gentlemen, I proudly present to you birthday portraits and cake smash photos of my one-year-old Canon 50mm 1.8 named Sheena! We decided on a rainbow theme, because I’m obsessed with color!

I think Canon would be proud.

All photos were taken by me!

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She is silently screaming about how much she loves cake.

Waiting in anticipation. I had someone light the candle for me in case the house burned down so I wouldn’t have to try to explain that the cause was me having a birthday party for an inanimate object.

She’s a STAR.

You can’t tell but she’s actually blowing out the candle right here.


Well this is gonna be a pain to clean up…

Close up on a half eaten cake because ART.

I…erm I mean….SHE…enjoyed the cupcake! …So did the ants that are currently taking over my house.

In case it wasn’t obvious, SHE TURNED ONE!!!

When I shout “YAS QUEEN” at photoshoots, I’m really just praising my lens.

She got two presents this year because I am now “just poor” instead of “extremely poor”.

I made her a flower headband! Can’t wait for her to try it on!!

She didn’t. Moved on to the next one without so much as a “thank-you” *sigh*

She hath unwrapped thee hair bows.

Close up because I’m dang proud of myself for finding these at the craft store.

She tries THESE on because apparently store bought is better than mom’s DIY…. *rolls eyes*

This photo screams “I am a generous human that buys random things for my gear and then wonders why I have no money”.

We broke out the confetti because I can’t have enough color.

This was taken right before she threw the tantrum because her crown was crooked by 1/3 of a centimeter.

My soul has been buried under several pounds of confetti. Worth it.