My name is Sirajudeen Kamal Batcha, I’m from Malaysia. I cut various pencils in half and pull out the graphite from them to make this amazing Floating Mosque Model originally located in Butterworth, Malaysia.

It took me 212 hours to complete this piece of artwork and I also made a diorama seascape to make this artwork more realistic, and to resemble the place where the original mosque is situated.

Using a knife and a tiny chisel I carved the surface of the graphites. After I finished carving, I stuck them together one by one with extreme caution. To create such sculptures we must have lots of passion and be very careful when working with black lead of the pencil, as the smallest lack of attention can lead to cracking.

For this artwork I used pieces of Carpenter Pencil Lead, Jawi Pencil Lead, Polymer Mechanical Pencil Lead, Jumbo Pencil Lead and 2B Pencil Lead.

The size of the mosque only 56mm x 105mm x 129mm and the mosque tower diameter is 8mm and the height is 108mm.

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