I am an artist. It's kind of my thing. I have terrible insomnia. But why lay around in bed when you have 24 hours to get up and do things?! So in the wee hours of the morning I was surfing facebook and started to notice all my friends and families profile pictures. And so inspiration struck.

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I decided that every night I had insomnia I would choose a victim, er I mean friend, and secretly draw their profile pictures in chalk pastel on vivid colored paper. It would take me between three and five hours to complete each portrait and in the morning I would post the picture and tag them. It became such a tradition that my friends couldn't wait to see who I would draw next.

All the drawings are 16" x 20", done abstractly in pastel on colored paper.

It was a fun experiment and I'm delightfully surprised at the results. It was also especially nice to have my dearest friends and families faces on my wall.

#1 Staci



Kate Swift 11 months ago

How you did the hair is so creative

#10 Mike



Friedlander Rosenzweig 1 year ago

Beautiful work! I'm certainly not an artist on your level, but as an amateur, I found it very calming to work with watercolour pencils at night while undergoing chemotherapy. I'd come home tired, cranky and of course nauseous, but sometimes the best medicine was just drawing, freehand, circles and triangles. I'd get lost in the lines and colours and just drift...

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