I don’t remember how everything started. Or when. All I know is that 11 years ago I traveled outside my home country (Romania) for the first time. And I haven’t stopped since in my quest to travel the world.
I have traveled to 51 countries around the globe, and I fell in love with each and every one of them. But today I will not talk about the first 50 of them, but about the 51st, Japan.

It has been on my list since forever, but somehow there were always better plane ticket offers for another destination. This is why I haven’t gotten to Japan until this spring.

Spring, they say, is the best season to visit the Country of the Rising Sun, especially during the cherry blossom. I did that I was surprised to find it even more beautiful than in the pictures.

For two weeks I toured the country and the only advice I can offer is travel as far as you can, eat as much as you can and enjoy it fully! 
Japan is a country of wonderful nature, great food and amazing history and people.

If I haven’t convinced you yet, I’ll show you my favorite 20 pictures of my holidays. Well, 21 pictures because there were two images of the cherry blossom I enjoyed equally.

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This is Japan during cherry blossom

Just one more, I couldn’t stop myself

You can still see gheishas on the streets of Kyoto

Fushimi Inari Taisha is just one of the wonders of Kyoto

Yep, no photoshop here. Still Kyoto, Arashiyama Bamboo Forest

Don’t miss Osaka, is a paradise for foodies and fashion lovers alike

Himeji is the most famous castle in Japan

A shinkansen (very fast train that looks like an alien) ride is a must

More than 1.000 deers roam free in the city of Nara. I mean free

Traditional Japan is everywhere

Nara became one of my favorite places

This is Kyoto

Another angle of the beauty of Japan

The streets of Kyoto

One of the most scenic cities in the world, Kyoto is an open garden

Traditional landscape

If the sky is clear, you can see Fuji mountain from Hakone lake

Try everything and you won’t be disappointed

We got a chance to see Fuji, we were lucky

We went for a few days to the Japanese Alps. Takayama was the first stop

The villages of Shirakawa-go and Ainokura are Unesco World Heritage Sites