In April and May 2017 I spent my time at an unusual place, the Baracks of Belgrade. It is known as the last non-government-controlled refugee camp in Europe. For me, even though being an adventurous person, it was a chilling place. These former factory halls and warehouses were filled with 1500 young men coming from the Middle East in the height of the Europe Migrant Crisis 2015/16. This unreal world was located just behind the main bus and train station of Belgrade, a view steps apart from tourist hotspots.

After a while I got slowly engaged to some of those guys from Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iran in conversations. As days went by, I stopped being a stranger and I was invited to go deeper into their world. I started documenting their makeshift rooms and cabinets, making photos of the places where they were living, eating and sleeping.

I have always preferred this way of working, getting close as possible and viewing things from the inside. As the guys stopped care about my old unconventional camera, I decided I want to show people how it looks like being at a non-curated refugee camp.

At this point, I knew already the barracks would be gone soon. I try to publish a photobook about this place. Please have a look at my Kickstarter for more infomation.

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