In 1980, students of Naval Architecture thought about a competition with other students all over Europe – by building and racing waterbikes! Hence, the first International Waterbike Regatta took place in Hannover.

Since then, many boats were built, and some of them (which are even older than me) have travelled lots of miles.

Over the last years, the waterbike team of the University of Rostock showed their boats at Hanse Sail, one of many beautiful harbour festivals.

In 2012, some graduates – senior waterbikes – thought about a second tiny regatta during Hanse Sail to present and race old boats, meet young students and old friends, and drink some beer together. Hence, “Rostock Open Waterbike Regatta” was born.

And you know, every regatta needs trophies, right?

Top Four!

4 of the fastest boats are waiting for the start signal for 100m Sprint. The IWR inspired us to organize another waterbike regatta as part of the Hanse Sail program.

Last year’s trophies

Here are some of the trophies from Rostock Open 2016.

Everything starts with a good cookie and an idea

While preparing the first Rostock Open Regatta, we stumbled upon a lovely sailing ship cookie cutter and decided to use it to shape our first medals. Unfortunately, the crow’s nest broke several times, so after a few years we decided to buy a yacht cookie cutter.

Ships need water!

The day we decided not to make medals but standing trophies to shorten the production time (ha ha) was actually the day the amount of time and material we would need was massively increased.

I took a piece of candle wax and carved smooth waves. While the first stand hat a rectangular shape, the second should resemble the shadow of a traveling boat.

From positive to negative…

The first “cookies” were made of candle wax. Then we poured silicone over both samples to create casting moulds.

… and back to positive

Two layers of clear or coloured epoxy resin imbed some decoration and formulae every naval architect should know. After 40 hours, boats and waves can be removed from the moulds.
Always consider safety first! Gloves prevent allergic skin reactions caused by liquid epoxy resin.

The ships meet their watery stand

After all parts are cleaned, burs removed and all grinded surfaces are lacquered, the boat ist fixed in a notch with glue. Then the notch is filled up with resin.

9 cups and a cap

As the glue under the last boat dries, the armada gathers around a merchandise basecap.

Finishing the race…

Every participating boat will receive a “Hanse Sail Rostock Open” trophy and certificate, though we hope that our favourite boat from Rostock will win ;)

… and start a new one!

Greetings to all waterbike teams! See you soon at Rostock Open and IWR!