There are two lives that humans have: one in which we act like automatic machines, adapting to external circumstances, being in a constant rush and another one, in which we create, invent and feel freedom. The second one happens less often, but namely it is what can be called a real life.

One shouldn’t perceive a human being as just giveness, like any life objects – a stool or a desk. A man has an illimitable potential and does not conform to a strict functionality. On the contrary, he is something changeable and continuously developing, whose activity is accompanied by natural aspiration. No aspiration-no human.

Being in creative mood a human doesn’t stop his ordinary and daily life. In this sense one stands by the boundary of two worlds, being in a constant duel and desire to master the routine and one own inner potential and sense of creativity. All human life is accompanied by search of fragile balance between this two worlds.

‘transformation dance’

Model: Marina Totchasova

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