My name is Nick and I’m working for a primate rescue center. And today I want to present you a wild primate who needs your attention before it becomes extinct: loris.

It may have crossed your mind that getting a loris and keep it at home as a pet would be such a cool thing to do. Because what harm does it make on either you and the animal, right? As a matter of fact, I have SEVEN reasons to convince you that loris is the least suitable pet in the world!

The easiest way for you to help save the endangered loris from extinction is to share this to your network and raise awareness of the people around you about this wild animal. Like our Facebook page would mean so much to me. Thank you!

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Lorises are nocturnal primates. What fun does a pet bring when they spend all their day sleeping huh?

Keeping, buying or selling loris is illegal in Vietnam, as well as in many countries in the world. In Vietnam, penalty for participating in loris trade ranges from $250USD to 7 years of imprisonment

They bite. You disturb them, touch them without their consent, tickle them or wake them up during their sleep, they will bite you. Not only extremely painful the bite will be, but also poisonous. They are the only primates in the world equipped with toxicity. (see that we need protective gloves when handling this one?)

Loris is smelly. They really are. Unless you want to turn your room into a toilet, don’t keep a loris because they mark their territory with urine

Lorises are wild animals who travel long distances at night to forage. If you confine them in a small cage, you are imposing cruelty on them

Loris’ complex diet includes from insects, fruits to tree sap and bark. A failure to provide them with their dietary needs will result in malnutrition, diabetes, obesity and eventually death

Last but most importantly, loris is facing serious risks of extinction. Having a loris pet meaning you are encouraging poachers to take them out of the forest, pushing them further to the verge of extinction. Do you really want to be the bad guy here?