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I Sent My French Bulldog On The Time Machine To Find The Perfect Sweater (9 Pics)
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Animals5 years ago

I Sent My French Bulldog On The Time Machine To Find The Perfect Sweater (9 Pics)

Nugget is a French Bulldog who came into my life less than a year ago. Being a graphic designer, I naturally started obsessing about finding well-designed and stylish clothes for her. Since I had trouble finding colorful and playful sweaters that match her larger-than-life personality, I decided to design my own modern line of style dog sweaters.

For our Kickstarter campaign, I sent Nugget off in a time-machine to explore fashion from different eras. I photographed her journey through time to find out what works for her (and what doesn’t). Using this data, I designed a new line of sweaters tailored for the contemporary dog.

More info: | Instagram

“This Victorian dress is out-of-date and uncomfortable”

“Doesn’t feel any more comfortable in color”

“Why is there a bird on my head? Can I eat it?” so said Nugget the Frenchie in the Golden Era

“If I flap both my ears and my 50s inspired bow, can I fly?”

“These 80s neon colors don’t look half bad on me.. Too bad they don’t fit very well”

“Ugh, are there no good clothes for a French Bulldog?”

“Ahh back in 2016 at last? I love a pompom on my head”

“I feel like a fashionista in these pompom sweaters that my human designed”

“These alpaca dog sweaters are so darn comfortable”

“I just can’t get enough of it…”


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