As you may know I am a nature person. I always recycle trash and try to save stuff from being thrown away. So I came up with this idea of refurbishing stuff which is on it’s way to the landfill. I got 6 radios from random people, refurbished 5 of them, repurposed and changed design of 2 of them. 1 of 6 radios was so badly damaged by water and time that all what was left to do was to recycle the parts and keep some which may still be used on my future projects! With the help of my fellow course mate with electrical stuff we brought back to life two of them!

The whole idea of these radio projects is simple – I want to save stuff from being thrown away and make people pay attention (at least a little bit) at how consumerism is getting out of hand nowadays.

The pictures on the radios are my own drawings.

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Hand-made handle

From radio to music speaker!

A radio with no brand – saved from landfill (before and after)

VEF 202 – saved from landfill (before and after)