I re-imagined Soviet posters for COVID-19 as a playful and timely ode to my Russian roots. Soap is our weapon.

Are you stallin the spread of the virus?

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The World Needs You! …To stay home…and to wash your hands…

This is the original Soviet poster by Dmitry Moore from 1941. The top part says “The Motherland is calling!” and the bottom text says “Military Conscription”

NO to Corona! Even if someone offers politely

The famous anti-alcohol poster by Viktor Ivanovich, 1954

Victory over the virus is inevitable! It was a real treat turning myself into Lenin and my fiance into a proletariat

This is the original poster by V. Konuhov from 1969. It says, “Victory for communism is inevitable!”

People of the World Unite! We can beat this virus

And this is original poster, also by Dmitry Moore from 1931

Are YOU staying home?

Another poster by Dmitry Moore from 1920. “Have you volunteered for the army?”