My name is Gloria, and I am artist, illustrator and designer from Bulgaria. One of my biggest struggles in drawing is the anatomy and here is what I did to level up. There is this drawing challenge each year called Merman during the month of May (Mermaid + May) where you have to draw a single mermaid for a month. But as I know myself I start optimistic and strong for a couple of days and day struggle to keep up and just give up. But this year I decided to be realistic and draw not 31 but only 10 mermaids and to make things even easier I focused on a single issue — the anatomy. I used monochrome or limited color palette (this way I didn’t have to think about the colors) and skipped the background, only focused on improving my anatomy skills. And I think I did good, sure there is still room for improvement, but I am happy with the result and feel more confident when I draw body, interesting poses and lines of action.

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