There is the United States Navy Blue Angel, and they are showing off only once per year in San Francisco during the Fleet Week. If you like planes and war movies, you will probably like my new photography series.

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I am a traveling photographer and I recently made a trip to the western US. I had no idea about this air show when I arrived in the city. Believe me, when I say this, the first time I saw an F18 Hornet flying only a few hundred meters above my head, I had no idea of what was going on.

While exploring the bay during two days, I made this series of the US NAVY planes doing acrobatics in the middle of the city. It was absolutely magnificent how pilots could coordinate together and realize the pirouettes. What a show!

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Maci Wilcox 1 week ago

I have almost this exact same photo, but in Traverse City during the Cherry Festival!