Japan has a holiday period called Obon. This ‘Obon’, as well as being a religious event to commemorate the souls of ancestors, has the feeling of a national holiday, with many people traveling around the country and, for those not aware of Buddhist practices, the Obon around August 15th is just a summer vacation. Though most people throughout the country maintain the tradition of visiting family graves.

This festival is a festival to mourn the deceased Shingen Takeda and many people in the battle of Nagashino the Warring States era. This festival has been done for the memorial service of the war, when beyond 10,000 people died at the Battle of Nagashino. Brandishing a flame.

It has continued for more than 400 years. It is a traditional festival of Japan. This festival takes place on August 15 in Aichi Prefecture Shinshiro. This festival has been called a 火おんどり”HIONDORI”, 乗本万灯”NORIMOTOMANDOU”.

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