My brother and I are eight years apart in age. There was a loss in between us. My son and his sister are eight years apart. There was a loss in between them.

I wanted to document that gap between my children, through a personal photo project. I want to document the good moments, but also the challenging ones that come with the large gap. I would also love to document other siblings with similar large age gaps – six years or more.

My son has cared for his sister from the first day she was born and she will accept comfort from him almost as quickly as she will me (her mom) or her dad. He makes her laugh and feel at ease and even when she drives him crazy by stealing his Legos she makes his annoyance melt with a smile or hug.

One thing my mom has always told me is that a sibling is the closest relative you have, biologically and emotionally. I’ve been lucky to be close to my older brother and I am hoping my children will be as close because I know there are other two child families who do not share the same gift and bond we do.

One challenge that I see my children face, as my brother and I did, is the youngest wanting to do what his/her older sibling wants to do but sometimes being limited. There is frustration in that but also a challenge the youngest sometimes conquers and succeeds in. It’s interesting to watch and document.

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