Hey there pandas , i am an automotive photographer .
My latest long term project is photographing car interiors from the driver point of view using a fisheye lense, Samyang 12mm on a full frame body ( I’m still developing the project , I’m still in an early stage…and let me tell you this, not easy finding luxury , sport or retro cars :D ….and even if I do , sometimes its a big challenge to convince the owner to let me enter his car , thats why some photos are static taken in a garage or parking lot , other are more dynamic on the road ).I always hold my left hand on the steering wheel and photograph with the right hand (working on some solutions to be able to keep both hands on the steering wheel , maybe any suggestions?) .

Trying to make a huge collection of car interiors. At the moment i have aproximately 40 different interiors .
Here are some examples , you can find more on my facebook page Ervin Boer Photography . Enjoy :)

More info: Facebook

BMW 420xd coupe

Audi A3 (my own car)

BMW i8

Buik Riviera

Peugeot 308 GTI

BMW 320xd

Peugeot 2008

BMW 750Li

Nissan GT-R

Lamborghini Gallardo

Mercedes GTS

BMW i8

Mini Cooper D

BMW i3

Ford Mustang