I’m a brazilian girl who became a photographer last year just for curiosity. Initially I only took pictures when I travelled. Then, I decided to take some photography classes. Suddenly, I saw myself photographing several of my friends from work.

One day, a woman came to talk to me on my Facebook page, Myka Fotografia. She was desperate because she collected abandoned and sick animals from the streets but they were starving. She barely had money for herself, but she just couldn’t leave them behind. I’ve always wanted to help shelter animals, but I didn’t know how. That moment I had an awakening.

I’ve been photographing some many people and getting so many compliments… why not charge for it and donate the money? I posted a campaign on my Facebook page saying that I’d donate 100% of my photography income to animal shelter organizations.From that moment on, people saw me as a “pet photographer” and started to hire me to photograph their pets. As I don’t want to take regular photos, every time I try to overcome the quality of my pictures, putting the pet in a funny situation to call attention for my cause. It’s been working! I already photographed dogs, cats, turtle, birds and other animals are in the list!

Although people think it’s fake, the bird was really there!

And sometimes I just have these crazy ideas such as Harry Potter cat

After the swimming pool!

Family portrait is very important for pet owners

Taking a picture like that demands a lot of patience since the animal doesn’t sit still when I want

Sometimes I just observe the pet behavior and try to extract the most of that moment

This kitten loves to hide under the bed!

The pictures are usually taken outdoors. This one was in some beach in Rio de Janeiro

I know I have a lot to improve, but I will get there!