I photograph abandoned Scandinavian houses, trying to share the story of a time and age that wither away unnoticed.

A few years ago a serious infection broke down my immune system and made me very allergic to a lot of things that surround us in our daily life. This made it difficult, almost impossible for me to socialise, or be around crowds of people in general.

As I was in treatment to get better I turned to the beautiful Scandinavian nature, to have a place to breathe free and keep my mind off my health issues.

On one of my many forest trips I came across a small cottage. It was alone and abandoned by society, just like I felt. I walked inside and found a home, left ages ago, but still ever so present. There were books and clothes, furniture, cookware and linen on the beds. I returned later, with my camera, and started photographing it all, wondering why this place had been abandoned. Imagining the hardship of the family who sought refuge under these roofs and the many possible stories behind why they left their home.

After finding this little cottage, I started actively looking for others. It became my new focus on these forest adventures, and I was amazed at how many there were. Farms, houses, cabins and cottages. All abandoned many years ago and all telling their own little story.

Now, a few years later, my health is back and I’m no longer a lonely forest dweller. Still I keep looking for and documenting these abandoned homes of Scandinavia.
They became my refuge during difficult times and I feel the need to keep telling their stories – to keep them in our present even though they were left in the past.

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