I was contacted by Gabba Gallery in Los Angeles to create 12″ by 12″ paintings for their upcoming vinyl inspired art show. Immidialaty I knew I wanted to include iconic vinyl logos, but how? When I hear classic rock, my dad and childhood come to mind. Growing up when my dad was working he would try to teach me about his favorite rock groups when all the while I wanted to listen to the hottest hip hop. This was the late 90’s and early 2000’s and our music preferences couldn’t be more different. I went to work brainstorming on how I could turn this into a visual project. This series is acrylic paint on wood panels and you can learn more about my inspiration and process at my website blog www.cold-studio.com .

More info: cold-studio.com

Sane Shaddy


Notorious Nirvana

Hand Painted


The Collection

West Side of the Moon

Kanye Who?


Video Teaser