It is not easy to briefly capture bit of yourself, but there it goes :) I will start as everybody does:

You are a kid and you find yourself drawing endlessly day and night, until your dreams are stopped one day, then you try to overcome it and say to yourself , that nothing will ever stop you again, only your wasted life source. Took me years of adolescence and life challenges to get back to art, as I completely abandoned it, only scribbled on a textbook during school breaks, but my heart was craving for more.

Around age of 19 I took a brush and started experimenting with canvas which has become my greatest obsession and at the same time catharsis.

When I paint, I enter a world of having complete freedom as long as I am able to capture it on a two dimensions blank space. With each new painting I always try to challenge myself to create something I have not done before. I would say I am still evolving my own signature and unique style, but I never paint from a photo or image. My creations are all from my very own ideas.

My painting are all freestyle, without pre-sketch mostly and in each one of these there is a hidden symbolic message, which only I can decipher.

People usually would tend to say.. “yes, that painting is nice ” but I am more interested into response such as ” oh, I can see what you did there, I can relate to that ” but I guess, you sometimes need to look a bit deeper and also do not forget to open your mind and let it work its magic .

That is what makes us human after all….Can you find a message relevant to your own life story in there ? :-)

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