Hi! Once my cousin made here post about my creations, but I’ve decided to register my own account!

My name is Victoria, I’m 23, living in Ukraine and I’ve been crafting jewerly since 2011. I’ve tried different materials and techniques, and this is what I am learning at the moment – electroforming jewerly.

For very short, electroforming is covering anything in metal. It is a simple physical process that gives beautiful results!

All the tentacles and flowers were hand-sculpted in polymer clay, baked, coated with copper, oxidized and polished.

Here are some of my recent made pieces.

More info: Instagram

Tentacle pendant with Sodalite

Tiny details :)

Pendant with natural shell

Labradorite tantacle pendant

Close-up of its side

Tentacle shell pendant

Just a quick shoot of work in process.

Apatite & Succulent pendant. Or just floral, nevermind, I’m just a big fan of succulents :)

Amethyst floral ring. Plants here hand-sculpted, leaf by leaf.

Floral key pendant with amethyst crystals

More process pics for those who did it to the end of a post! :D

Finished polymer clay details, ready to be baked.

And all the bunch before baking. Polymer clay is baked to get hard like plastic or so :)

After hours in special chemical & electricity bath. Fresh sparkling copper with be artifically darken soon. Sorry for the cellphone photo :)