I sculpt visionary costumes from an unusual combination of latex rubber, fiber and acrylic. These low cost, safe materials make lightweight, wearable art with extraordinary beauty. Over the last ten years cosplayers, merfolk, bellydancers, and Burning Man revelers have commissioned a wide array of my fantasy pieces.

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I was tired of my costumes falling apart before I even got to the cons. I didn’t want to have to leave another event because my heavy headdress was making me miserable. Most of all I was sick of spending way too much money on costume materials only to be disappointed by the results. I developed these techniques in my quest for a versatile material that was comfortable to wear and lasted a long time.

My studio Organic Armor is accepting commissions for elegant armor that feels great to wear. Or you can learn how to use the techniques yourself in our online and in-studio classes.

More info: organicarmor.com

Biomech Eve

photo Nic Adams

Mina bellydance set

photo Winterwolf Studios

Lionfish Merman

photo Tempus Fugit Design

Maleficent headdress

photo Tempus Fugit Design

Cleopatra headdress

Unicorn mask

photo Leah Spitz


photo Winterwolf Studios

Cameo cincher belts and headdresses

photo Tempus Fugit Design

Winter Goddess set

photo Winterwolf Studios

Queen of the Damned crown

photo Tempus Fugit Design