Since I was young, I loved art and crafts. I love working with my hands and creating new things. One of my goals in life is to have my own online shop. I met a friend who is passionate about art because she grew up with an artist father. We both instantly click and made a great team because we share similar goals and vision about our future.

My friend and I decided to open an online shop together to make some extra money. So we started to brainstorm some ideas and products to sell on Etsy, an online marketplace for creators to sell unique handmade items. After tons of browsing and research online, we have an idea to make unique bowties using non-traditional materials. My friend/current business partner love toys (big kid) and we are inspired to design and create the bow ties using plastic toys - nano blocks, bricks, acrylic and super heroes mini figurines. Together, we created Bow Blocks.

Our goal is to make unique, handcrafted art bow ties that are cool and functional, using non-traditional materials. We seek design inspirations from comic books, friction superheroes, movies, games, books and pop culture.

Currently, all of our bowtie designs are inspired by comic superheroes and movie characters. It is very fun and exciting, we constantly update ourselves with the latest superhero and frictional movies. Both of us have a full-time job so we work on Bow Blocks during our free time and on the weekends. It is slow moving, but very rewarding, especially when we get positive feedback from friends and customers. We love getting personal messages from our customers sharing stories about getting compliments wearing our bowties or little kids obsess with wearing it every day to school. Having people to share their feelings really brightens up our day and make us feel part of something special. Some person requests for custom personalize bowties, which is very interesting and challenging to do. We plan to come out with much more interesting, unique designs in the future! We hope you like what we have created! Thank you for reading our story!

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We Made These Bow Ties Out Of Toys

Bow Blocks Report

MOOR 2 years ago

This is brilliant~