We forgot how powerful the ordinary electronics is nowadays. I’ll show You how to pick the earth images from weather satellites using just TV Tuner, DIY antena and laptop

More info: youtube.com

Two photos of earth in infrared and thermal

It is amazing, but it is really possible to recieve the signals from several different weather satelites which are flying over 800 km above the earth and making the photos of earth. AMAZING !

So this is 10 USD TV Tuner – nothing fancy, just typical device available in every shop

This is device needed to recieve transmissions. This is really just TV Tuner, but with ovveriden configuration it turns into SDR (Software Defined Radio) and allows to listen radio transmissions

An this is my DIY antena – just two wires on plywood (as a holder)

My ‘well made’ antena ;-) Really easy to make.

And this is my son and me recieving the signal :)

This is my whole story in the video. I’m picking the signal with my son. In fact this whole idea was becouse of him.
Someday he asked me if it is possible to recieve the pictures of earth from satellites… I’ve check and it turns, that it is really possible :)

Another map recieved from NOAA sattelite

This is one of my first picked image – I didn’t do it right ;-)