I´m thanking my dad and his father for my earliest memories of forests. Trips in forests nearby, deep red rucksack stuffed with matches, sausage and mustard. Building huts and wandering around in woods with my cousin. My childhood scene consists of glade hills surrounded by sturdy spruces. The scene of my soul is xeric heath pine forests. You know – the smell of needles, cones and gravel in the warmth of summer day.

I´m living from forests. There is no option not to have forests in my life. It´s my job, my time out, space of relaxation and quietness. I see forests from every window of my home, and I´m loving it. The affection of woods has flown in our family´s veins for decades.

Why I do these old-themed photoshoots?

I´m fascinated by the idea of past. Frequently I get caught by myself thinking how would I have seen things back then. How would I have photographed these and what would have been my types of expression. Of course, back then there would have been just black and white films. I don´t want to imitate those photos, I want to make photos looking just like I imagine I would see things back then.

My trusted model was the farmer-Markus Sipila. In fact, he was lumberjacking in his own forest week before the photoshoot. I couldn´t had any more authentic model has him!

I´m inspired by people and things surrounding me. Without connections also, this photoshoot would have been much more difficult to arrange. I´m in indebtedness to all those great people who are helping me to express my thoughts and feelings via photography.

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The Forest of the Past