I decided to start producing my own greeting cards after scouring high street stores and the internet for something that appealed to my some might say slightly warped sense of humour and once again coming up with nothing. I was Tired of the endless supply of generic old fashioned photographs with a witty caption, the pictures of animals with stuck on cartoon eyes, or worst of all the almost infinitely rehashed “Keep Calm and [insert bland punchline here]” that adorns a myriad of things as well as cards. In my mind there was only one course of action and that was to start the six month process of designing my own range of cards starting with Hipster Jesus. 

Some of them are funny, some are interesting and some are just a little bit odd. As a brief explanation “Samurai Roadman” was based on 19th Century Japanese woodblock prints but in the more contemporary urban setting. “Enter the Mockingbird” stemmed from my disappointment at the way Atticus Finch had turned out in Harper Lee’s sequel Go Set a Watchman and re-imagining how it could’ve gone in the hands of a B-movie director.

More info: obeahmancards.com

What a Pair

Hipster Jesus

The Jeremiah Vile Show

Satan & Elvis

Santa Claus is Cumming to Town

Merry Brexmas


Sophisticated Humour

Winter Robbin’

Cupid Gunner

Zombie Jesus

Enter the Mockingbird

Samurai Roadman

Unicorns, The Truth