My name is Valerie Hugo. I’m a French illustrator specialized in silkscreen printing and wall painting. For my solo exhibition at Slow Gallery, I created a complete floral and animal alphabet. From A to Z, typography letters shaped from flowers, sea animals, birds in intricate drawings.

In my studio, I create prints for this beautiful font that combines the love of nature, shamanic myths, and Japanese inspiration. This affordable lettering style allows everyone to write the partition that defines him. A letter, word, or mantra that will depend on who choose to have it in his home.

More info:

I did this drawing idea thinking about my trip to Nepal and India. I was very shocked when the earthquake occurred in this beautiful and welcoming country.

This letter of my font was inspired by my long trip to Peru and Bolivia.

This fox was inspired by the birth of Olivia, my best friend’s daughter. It’s also my favorite animal.

I drew this last letter thinking about my artist community Atelier 29 with whom I have made several wall paintings with lots of flowers.