I’m travelling a lot as a photographer. I always have a camera with me. I take thousends of pictures about weddings, travelling, portraits, interiors. My friends many times asked me, how can I find the small details, the interesting moments. They saw my pictures, but I could not tell the circumstances of photography. About the situation, the environment, the lights, the settings. Few month ago I just put a small video camera on the top of my mirrorless digital camera. I took more than 100 small videos about my photography. In Hungary, in Japan, in Italy, in Finland and in Croatia. I started to upload on my Instagram, and my Youtube channel. Maybe now it is easier to show, how can I find my composition, my framings and the settings of the camera.

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Shirahama Beach, Shimoda, Japan

Enoshima Island, Japan

Tokyo, Japan

Kamakura, Japan

Budapest, Hungary

Sakurajima, Japan

Kagoshima, Japan

Shirahama Beach, Japan

Tokyo, Tsukiji fish market, Japan