Interested by our fear and fascination with robots, I teamed up with the architect and designer Paul Coudamy in order to raise some questions regarding automation. Without being a naive tech utopist or a reluctant technophobe.

The Punishment is an installation in which a robot executes a preventive punishment for its possible future disobedience. A reference to Isaac Asimov’s laws of robotics.

Technologies are now merging at high speed, notably robotics and artificial intelligence. It raises a lot of questions about man-machine relation. How automated do we want our world, our body to be? What physical, moral and legal framework should we use? What consequences for human life? Which post-work society shall we build? Shouldn’t the school reinvent itself? At the turn of the century, questions related to automation are popping up in everyone’s mind. We will have to answers them collectively, if possible.

More info:

The Punishment

‘I… robot’, the start of the punishment

The robot executes a preventive punishment for possible disobediences in the future

This borrows isaac asimov’s ‘law of robotics’ which states how machines should never harm men

Just like a human being, the machine is writing down its ‘must not’s’

Ethics and robotics

The learning machine