A a good friend of mine was expecting her third child and I didn’t know what to give her as a baby shower present. It seems like she already had everything she needed. So I decided to make this cute peas in a pod plushies: One pea for each kid. Then I sewed the pod, which you can open with a zipper, and use as a storage for the peas plushies or for any other nursery items such as little socks or diapers. I wanted to make sure that the peas are a bit different from each other, so I made one bear, one bunny and one kitty.

My friend was very happy to receive the gift, and is using the pod to store her son’s socks. I think this is one of the best presents I ever gave! What do you think?

More info: Etsy

One bear, one bunny and one kitty

Three in a pod

The pod is closed with a zipper