I created “The Dollhouse” as a satire on how we focus on visual versus substance and forsake identity towards societal standards and expectations.

“The Dollhouse” concept editorial. Team:

Creative & Art Director/Photographer, Concept & Text: Victoria Krundysheva photography (ig @victoriakrundysheva ); Model: Elyseah Shaikh; Hair stylist: Daksh Dubey; MUA: Anishaa Chhabria; Outfits by: Pryka, Prathana Raika

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Do you have a doll? I do. I keep it neatly on the shelf

I surround it with pretty things. Pretty on pretty looks even better

I take it for a walk. Let them all see how pretty my doll is. Let them want the same one. With flares and bows. All pink and porcelain. Quiet and obedient

Always happy. Always just at the reach of my hand.They can watch but they can’t touch. Their hands are full of ambition. Their eyes are rotten with intentions. Wandering all over the pretty flares

Do you have a doll? I do. It looks almost real

It is flattering sky wide lashes. Curls are gently combed and arranged

I style it too. I am very creative

I will hold it in my hands and look at us in the mirror. Good job, i will say

If it wears off I am not worried. I’ll dress up another one. Curl her lashes even prettier

Do you have a doll? I do. I am