What do you do when life gets you in a tough spot? Some of us complain and whine and wish it away, some of us face it head-on and then there’s some of us, who go rogue on evolution and change their specie to slip out of the petty human problems. My husband belongs to the third category!

Being his wife, his transformation definitely changes my life significantly. So I made 10 illustrations to show what it’s like to have a cross-specie marriage.

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Ideas of romance and love don’t really change

Although it does get trickier to find places for date-nights which serve to his grassier palette!

Socializing is…awkward!

His friends aren’t the most sophisticated bunch!

Carrying a “sheep” on my shoulder!

It’s not easy to get a sheep passport!!

A sheep a day keeps the creeps away

He puts guard-dogs to shame!!

Learn Sheep-ish

I’m automatically the translator if my sheep-husband decides to continue being a professional (maybe a cross-specie consultant!)

Have you any wool?… One bedful!

All his shedding gets me a couple of kilos heavier!

Blind as a bat….err..sheep!

Healthcare tip: Regular eye-tests are mandatory if your sheep’s too blind to spot predators!

Drive like a boss!

The hooves make it difficult to drive but doesn’t stop him from showing off some swag!

Rose and Ja-aa-aa-ck!

As an artist, I loooove having a model available at any time! (albeit, somewhat disgruntled)

Nothing can stop us from living our dreams though!

No amount of specie-switching can reduce the love between us nor hinder the dreams we share.. one of them being to watch the Northern Lights from a mountaintop!