My name is Eileen Marie and I'm a visual storyteller in Seattle, WA.

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During Inktober (month of October), I wanted to complete 31 illustrations to develop the world and cast of characters for my web-comic in development "Magikats!"All of the cats are based on real cats :)

This was the first Inktober I have ever completed, and all 31 illustrations were completed within 31 days.

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you all enjoy!

More info: Instagram

#2 Cinni Winni Divination

Cinni Winni Divination


🐶Puppy.Queen👸🏼 2 months ago

Professor Trelawny from Harry Potter

#3 Mossy's Potions

Mossy's Potions


Teresa Anthony 2 months ago

I love all of these! Can't choose a favorite...

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#21 Meowlin The Wandmaker

Meowlin The Wandmaker


🐶Puppy.Queen👸🏼 2 months ago

Mr. Ollivander from Harry Potter