Some stories cannot be told by a single frame. 

By using in-camera double exposure technique and layering moments  I  strive to capture the atmosphere and emotions that the surrounding world evokes in me, capture the spirit of a place,  show how the light and other elements of the scenery change over time​​​​​​​.

A double exposure image, composed of two or more shots, is a  flight from reality and a departure into the unknown, it enables capturing a vision in a unique and personal way that cannot easily be reproduced.

The results are photographs that portray nature in a way like classic impressionistic paintings.

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Poppy field

Locust tree in the storm


Cherry tree

Rowan tree

The ancient oak

Beech tree

Reds of May

A modest landscape

A snowy vision

In bloom

Rusty strokes

Silver lines


Seven days of fall

Morello tree

The wraith’s dance