My name is Gloria Shugleva and I am designer and illustrator, based in Sofia, Bulgaria. I have always had huge love for art and creating and even as a kid I have been surrounded by all kinds of art materials – crayons, pencils, markers, etc.

Now that I drawing is a big part of my live, choosing the mediums is still an experience. I am still trying different art materials and techniques and still searching for my style.

I am sharing my experience and thoughts on my Instagram page and YouTube channel so that creative people and kids that are currently searching for the right medium to express their ideas have easier time picking the right ones for them.

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I have turned a corner in my small apartment into a mini studio where I am not afraid from spilling paint or smudging graphite.

As many other everything started with the color pencils

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Some of my old friends are the Polychromos pencils by Faber Castel. I recommend them for anyone looking for smooth texture and rich colors.

I usually use a small A5 sketchbook with smooth paper that fits into my bag.

Pro tip: Swatching first

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This year I wanted to try gouache and it hasn’t been as easy as I thought it would be.
Here is a shot on me testing all the colors I have onto my sketchbook. I suggest doing a color swatching for any material before starting to work with it. Some colors change and react differently on different papers.

Russian watercolors are the best ones I have tried so far

Watercolors are diffidently one of the most beautiful and unpredictable materials.
When you are choosing brands I recommend Russian one and also get single colors not a palette, this way you can build a custom palette and not store colors that you rarely use.

Brush Pens

Really fun to draw with them!
I tried the Pentel Brush pen and they are dope. You have two containers, one with ink and one that you refill with water and this way you can fade colors and even blend.
Really useful if you want to paint while traveling.

Drawing on a screen. Why not?

Digital illustration has always been on my top list of favorite mediums.
I had the pleasure to test many graphic and display tablets and with both hands (as a professional designer and illustrator) I recommend the Wacom products.

I hopped on the Procreate wagon

And it was a ride!
I have been thinking about getting a iPad with Apple pencil and subscribing to Procreate in order to illustrate on the go.
And in the begging of the year I finally made my mind and got one.
Have to way that this decision leveled up my productivity.