As soon as I get home I usually empty my pockets and all the spare cash & coins go into a big money jar. Last week I decided to finally do something with them!

I have always wanted something positive on my wall. Something that would make me happy. So decided on going for the most obvious thing – a face that will always smile back.

I had my design & over 1,000 Norwegian One Kroner coins (like 10 US Cents each) – so went out & got some white tak and got sticking! Hope you like it :)

Some of the +1,000 1 Kroner (Norwegian) coins!

Putting white tak on +1,000 coins took some time!

I used a projector to get the right template for the smiley

& started sticking!

Then i ran out of both coins & white tak – so had to get more “spare change”

After 3-4 hours of work and exactly 1,783 coins – the Smiley was done!

& yes coins in Norway have wholes in them!

He is always smiling…

So we named him Smiley Sam – always reminding us to smile once in a while!

You can check out a short video of Smiley Sam here!