My name is Sayumi, a 20 years old junior student of uni from Japan. I’m an animal lover, art lover also pizza lover. I’m studying about wildlife especially conservation in school.

I started drawing on my own face about 2 years ago. Drawing and creating has been part of my life since I was born and I wanted to do something new so I thought drawing on my face which is not flat like a paper was really challenging and interesting to me. But at the beginning people around me didn’t understand what I was doing and why, so they were like ‘Hey today is not Halloween haha’ and I felt a bit embarrassed sometimes. After I started using Instagram, my life has been changed. I get amazing comments telling that I inspire them from sweet people who encourage me what I’m doing.

I create the looks using makeup stuff: eyeshadow palettes, lipsticks and sometimes glitters. Usually it takes 1 hour and half to complete(including singing and dancing time).

The ideas often come up when I’m walking through the nature, talking about future with my friends, reading a book or listening to music. Also from my experience and things I love.

I’ve been called different, weird, crazy when I was younger and sometimes it was hard to get along with other kids. Even some people still tells me that I have to be ‘normal’ and should work hard to fit the mould. But this is me and I do what I want. I think there are lots of people like me in the world feeling the same way and I want tell and share my thoughts with them as a team.

I hope I can inspire and amuse more people with my creativity in future and make people realize that we all are beautiful the way we are and we all are the art itself.

More info: Instagram

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