My girlfriend loves Lake Balaton in Hungary and she used to spend time there as often as she could when she was a child. But because of personal reasons, she can’t visit it as often as she wants anymore. It brakes her heart not to see the beautiful sunrises and sunsets there and she misses the feeling of freedom and peace.

She often tells me that she wants to go back there and she hopes that she can live there one day. So in August this year, I made a decision: I had 4 free days from work, so I took her and my camera equipment and we drove from Budapest to Balaton.

Every night we woke up at 2 or 3am and drove around the lake to find the perfect place to see the real beauty of this lake. 

I hold these moments in pictures, so she can see and relive the moments we spend there together, getting her back to the lake she loves so much every time she wants.

I was very happy that the weather was on our side and I could take up to 2000 pictures during our stay.

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