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I Dressed Dogs Up As Famous People And Photographed Them To Raise Money For My Local SPCA
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I Dressed Dogs Up As Famous People And Photographed Them To Raise Money For My Local SPCA


I’m a specialist dog portrait photographer and dog rescue advocate. For the last six years, I’ve put together an annual calendar for my local SPCA which is sold to raise funds to support the shelter.

This year I decided to photograph the calendar with a ‘Famous Faces’ theme, very loosely based on 50’s Hollywood glamour and celebrities of the same era. Anyone who has tried to photograph a dog will know how tricky it is to get them to sit still, so not all the dogs ended up being photographed ‘in character’, some feature in the calendar just as themselves.

All of the dogs (and two cats) I photographed are rescued animals that are now living in their forever homes. I’m passionate about promoting the ‘adopt don’t shop’ message by showcasing the variety of shapes and sizes that shelter animals come in, as well as their great personalities. The calendar project has raised over $40,000.00 since it began in 2012 and we’re hoping this year will be the best fund raiser yet.

More info:

Leo aka Picasso

Ivy aka Coco Chanel



Caesar and Cleo


Chase aka James Bond

Genghis Khan

Harley The Gangster

Luna aka Marlene Dietrich


Mikey And Twinkie aka Policemen From Tin Tin


Oros And eCKo

Ruby And Daisy aka Bonny And Clyde


Syrah aka Holly Go Lightly


Tazz And Cleo aka Frida Kahlo And Diego



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