This summer one of my greatest dreams came true, I visited Iceland and captured the hidden beauty of this place. Iceland is a wonderland where the shapes and textures are always changing, so many colors are around even from a distance is sometimes hard to realize.

I feel very lucky to explore and hike around the country where I experienced the proper freedom and had a chance to wonder about life while I have seen clouds born and disappear. Iceland feels like another planet and I hope with sharing these photographs I can show how surreal this fairyland is.

I could not take enough pictures but what I choose now to publish it is a bit different then most of the Icelandic landscape photographs not just because these are minimalist but also because these are just little details of a huge masterpiece.

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Landmannalaugar I

Landmannalaugar II

Landmannalaugar III

Skaftafell II




Jökulsárlón I

Jökulsárlón II