Creating jewelry is my passion. I mostly work using bead embroidery technique and create unusual one of a kind piece of jewelry by hand.

This time I created a collection of five realistic butterflies and called it Lepidoptera (‘Butterflies’ in latin). These stylized Morpho peleides, Morpho polyphemus, Papilio palinurus, Inachis io and Gonepteryx rhamni now are romantic handmade accessories for sophisticated ladies who have their own distinctive style and loves to stand out of a crowd.

Beading is always the process that takes time and requires special thoroughness. Each butterfly took 13-15 hours to embroider.

I do not have a model appearance. But my pieces of jewelry are dedicated for real women, who’s appearance talks about their life experience, not only for those who look like models. I also believe that the author is the one who can represent their creations best. And I always foster my clients to express their individuality. So, this time I decided to model for photoshoot.

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Papilio palinurus

Morpho peleides

Inachis io

Morpho polyphemus

Gonepteryx rhamni