I would like to present to you the cat gods – The Mighty Ancestors. I tried to imagine how would they look like, chose the best qualities of cat‘s character and portrayed them in my art. Each cat god represents a different character attribute.

Some of the gods are representing kindness, intelligence, beauty, harmony, health, and cat-like playfulness. Others, wear scary masks in order to represent freedom, courage, stamina, strength, deception, and malice.

These artworks are related to my previous series of „Undiscovered tribe“, mostly illustrating smaller cats. For the full story about “Miiauji” tribe see my other posts on Bored Panda: here, here and here.

However, in these series, mighty gods are represented by majestic big cats – lions, tigers, pumas, and others. They represent the best cat attributes, which would encourage smaller cats to feel confident and majestic as well.

A short story about „ORIGINS: The Mighty Ancestors“:

ORIGINS is the beginning of everything – the beginning of the “Miiauji” tribe. Although no one knows exactly when and how it was created, however, all members of the tribe sincerely believe and tell the legends about the gods of the tribe. Even though they have a respectful fear of their gods, all members of the tribe consider gods as their guardians.

What were the great ancestors of the “Miiauji” tribe like? For centuries, they ruled and reigned over large flocks of cats and tribes of different cultures. With their wisdom, claws, and fangs they fought for survival, and in the parallel world, they reached the peak of the predators’ pyramid. In fact, the ancestors of cats had something in common with humans: some were calm and liked to anticipate and plan in advance, while others – were impulsive and unpredictable. But all the ancestors, without exception, were happy and immensely loved their catlike lifestyle.

Unfortunately, their joy lasted only until the collision with humans and the subsequent merger of the Great Worlds. Two different species – cats and humans – could hardly agree with each other, therefore, after the Great Merger of Worlds, the land had to be re-divided and new influence areas of each type had to be established. For many years wars were won either by the cats or people. When the balance of the universe was broken – the worlds eventually separated, although this event left a huge scar in tribe’s memories. These were the origins of the “Miiauji” tribe.

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“To find the peace of mind, you should start with yourself and end the inner battle. To find peace in the world – you need to be reconciled. Harmony is the compromise…”


“Always be brave, even when you’re scared the most. Hush up your feelings for concentration. Do not be a prey – always be the hunter!”


“Always remember, that smart decisions bring success and life prosperity. Sometimes instead of doing something -it’s better to do nothing, and to understand, that the problem never existed…”


“Be beautiful and draw everyone’s attention. Be nice and everybody will fall under your feet. Be heavenly and control the world.”


“Don‘t be vengeful – take revenge and forgive.”


“Do not trust anything and you will never need to learn how to live again!”


“The most valuable treasure is health – so be safe.”


“Always be a little kitten in your heart and never stop enjoying life. So the whole environment will become toys and everyone will want to join you for a play…”


“You always have the opportunity to choose what personality to have – good or bad, and this does not mean that the chosen path will be correct. But always remember, that your choice will remain through all of your lives…”


“Always fight for yourself and your freedom, so that our descendants are born free.”


“The meaning of life is to have a purpose and fiercely pursue it. And one of life goals is to achieve all of your goals…”


“You will always be stronger than others if you strongly believe in it. Never give up fighting for your beliefs and 9 lives will not be your limit…”