My works combine what at first glance seem incompatible and meaningless.

Cat-woman, giant fruit, flying fish, post-apocalyptic environment, creatures that are born in a cave with insects ... although inspired by my love of science fiction, fantasy, new technologies and some distant surreal worlds, they are reflection of my imagination, the way I perceive the world and the people around me...

These are the worlds filled with secret desires and endless soul searching that shows in human nature. Although at first it looks like a scene from a strange dream or some horror stories, actually these stories are encouraged by what is happening to us and which is reflected in our way of life. These are stories about emotions, growing up, about people and their masks, fantasies, about creation and destruction, the primal nature of man, unfulfilled dreams, pain, changes and maybe some new beginnings …

Insects, animals, machines, skeletons, and sometimes a combination of all of these ... I use them as storytellers who lead us through these surreal worlds.

Often they are the remains of what once was alive or had a purpose. I like to create new surrealistic environment where these strange, and sometimes dead or apparently useless things get a new meaning. They get 'recycled' and begin to exist as a symbolic part of my story in a new meaning and form.

I take photographs which are present in my sceneries from all over the world and some of my work can take months to create. I use photography fragments from various photos to compose a scenery.

By using photography, these worlds get a realistic touch although they are far from being 'real'. They also change and grow, along with changes and transformations that life brings us.

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#1 The Queen

The Queen


#2 Along Comes Another

Along Comes Another


#3 Passing Strangers

Passing Strangers


#4 The Herd

The Herd


#5 Dreaming Of Red

Dreaming Of Red


#6 Journey



#7 Master Of Disguise

Master Of Disguise


#8 Dust Devil

Dust Devil


#9 Bird House

Bird House


#10 Blue Pear

Blue Pear