It all starts with gravity…

This artistic project takes its roots from a promise made to the little boy filled with dreams whose voice doesn’t want to vanish behind the heavy noise of life. This is also an invitation for the world to disconnect and meditate on what I’ve been through and the memories I’ve created when I felt blue and listened to the precious testimonies of others.


This collection of poetic snapshots have been guiding me through this perpetual research of balance between gravity and levitation, invite your body and soul to wander in the stratosphere and get into the swing of stars conveying the following message: embrace being the fruit of a wonderful chance, a perfect blend of matter and utopia, of meaninglessness and atypical rarity, of adventures and melancholy.

Then come the stars…

These artworks are a part of you and me for we are the Astronaut driven by the dust of his or her own fantasies, we are the Explorer searching for a tale to tell, we are the Tightrope Walker overwhelmed by the emptiness but losing himself or herself in the stars…

Oh, please remember that in his day, even Victor Hugo said: ‘Space erases noise.’

More info:

The Tightrope Walker – The Space Collection

A close up on the Tightrope Walker (Silver print)

The Astronaut – The Space Collection

True Love – The Space Collection

True Love – The Space Collection

The Lighthouse – The Space Collection

The Lighthouse – The Space Collection

Making of – The Signature

The Signature