There’s no doubt that technology has permanently changed life as we know it, but the luxury of having every bit of knowledge and entertainment right at our fingertips is a double-edged sword. The alluring temptation of digital distractions with such ease of accessibility is hurling ourselves and our children into a self-absorbed world far from reality. The effect this has on the constantly growing and developing mind of our children can be widely detrimental. For example, The Guardian reported back in 2014 that toddlers were able to swipe a phone screen but physically incapable of comprehending how to use building blocks. In summary, the article, and many others like it, stated that overuse of technology inhibits the ability to concentrate and conflicts with how effectively and meaningfully we communicate with each other.

As we are diligently lost in becoming distracted with every little bit of digital amusement that can immediately gratify us, we are rapidly losing touch with everyone around us, and our children are inadvertently receiving the brunt of the consequences. In light of these alarming statistics, and the fact that my husband and I savored every little bit of our childhood that was relatively void of electronic devices- save for a Nintendo and Saturday morning cartoons- we vowed to allow our children as little “screen time” as possible in order for them to enjoy their childhood the way it should be: hands on play and discovery of the world around them, all while interacting with each other and cultivating platonic relationships that are unhindered by the interference of technology. These are the valuable life lessons that cannot be attained while staring at a screen with glazed eyes as time slips through our fingers. And that’s what this series is all about- to show that the best memories made in childhood are the ones unplugged, just like mine- and probably yours- used to be. And they still can be.

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