My series is called Octobody.

My name is Maria Kepinski and I’m a 27 year old photographer from Oslo, Norway.

A little bit about my work:

The human figure has been the focus of the photographic community for centuries –– from portraiture and documentary to classic nudes and erotica. Yes, my work focuses on the human figure. But my work does not fit neatly into the aforementioned, well-tread categories.

Opposites and contrast drive my work. I combine the familiarity of the human body with recognizable, organic elements. However, my perspective works to trick the viewer into seeing something beyond what they’re expecting. Whether it’s the contrast of skin tone against the scales of a snake, or the sensationalism of goose bumps rising on the skin’s surface –– emotion drives my work, and is contagious in its viewing. Perception of familiarity can always be questioned by including contrasting elements against those that compliment the form, skin and tone of the body. The human figure, though it has been photographed every which way, can always experience visual rebirth through perspective.

You can see my work at the Art Expo in NYC from April 19-22nd!

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