Ballerinas are so beautiful, and slightly and they work really hard to get their target, and make wonder on the stage. But beyond the spotlights we don’t see when they are tired or have any pain in their body and legs. As the weather, dancers can renew all the time and give us pleasure, and miracle with their show.

Ballerinas and their art are for me like painting. Through with strong movements, dancers can express the faces of emotions and in this perfect balance we can find the four classical elements also. Spark of passion is the Fire, prettiness can be the Air, flowing motion is the Water and steely attitude can be the Earth. In these paintings I would like to salute ahead of ballerinas, and the wonderful elements. By the Love of art and love of dreams we can fly everywhere and connect our souls with everything.

I hope you will enjoy my artworks.

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Air – work in progress


Fire – work in progress



Four elements