These days we can observe an amazing natural phenomenon on the Danube in Budapest. We have an unusually cold winter this year so the river has partially frozen. I haven’t ever seen before such a spectacle thing.

I have arranged the photos in chronological order, so you can see the images from sunset to the next sunrise.

I hope that you will like it!

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Without floodlight, only in the light of the setting Sun

I saw how fast the Danube is actually flowing

The Army of Photographers!

And of course, the blue hour

The Real Camouflage

Because of the ice, the vortices are visible now

Next dawn. We were unlucky beacuse of the coluds. But even so I found it beautiful

A Ship Taking A Rest in The Light Of Dawn

An unusual background behind the Szabadság (Freedom) Bridge

Finally, while I was taking photos I met a robin bird (Erithacus rubecula). This little bird was looking for food next to me